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Research and the Library: Using Resources WISely: Module 2: Conversation

This tutorial and module will guide you through the process of library research.

Module 2: Conversation

When you do research, you are taking part in an ongoing Conversation.  Researchers & other creators produce a wide variety of content to contribute their findings, research, and theories to move the conversation forward.  It would be almost impossible to read everything on a given topic.  This module will help you find sources that give you a good idea of where the conversation is going.  Initially, your role in this conversation may be more one-sided while you “listen in” by using research others have created.  However, as you develop your skills as a researcher, you’ll get the chance to add your insights to the conversation as you create your own content.

First, read the learning outcomes below. When you are ready, click the "NEXT" button on the bottom to begin the module.

A. Research Basics
C. Databases
D. Test Yourself

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will:

  • Generate keywords based on your topic.
  • Use boolean search operators to construct a search.
  • Recognize different types of databases.
  • Execute searches in LUCY, our online catalog, and library databases.
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